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Welcome to Global Lifestyle Medicine Week 2023

Welcome to Global Lifestyle Medicine Week 2023

This day is marked between the 21st to 26th of May annually with the main objective of creating an awareness campaign to draw the attention of the world to how lifestyle medicine pillars can prevent, treat and often times reverse chronic disease, also referred to as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle-related diseases. A healthy lifestyle has been shown to affect gene expression positively (epigenetics), reduce insulin resistance, provide antioxidants and reduce chronic systemic inflammation.

This year our theme is “Beat the Root Cause of Disease with DREAMS” where
’D’ represents Diet and healthy nutrition. A healthy diet entails eating predominantly whole, plant-based foods (grains, legumes, tubers, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds), minimally processed foods (canned or packaged foods) and minimal consumption of dairy products such as meat, poultry and eggs.
’R’ stands for relationships and positive, healthy connections between individuals and family members or colleagues,
’E’ connotes exercise which is organized regular, recurring physical activity such as brisk walking, dancing, skipping or jogging for at least 30 minutes on five days of the week.
’A’ stands for avoidance of psychoactive substances such as alcohol, tobacco and street drugs.
’M’ represents mental wellbeing and effective stress management using stress reducing techniques while
’S’ stands for sleep which should be adequate in duration and restorative in quality. The recommended number of sleep hours for individuals between 18-65 years is 7-8 hours.

We at SOLONG hereby invite everyone to join us in celebrating healthy behaviors on each day of the week (D.R.E.A.M.S on Sun-Friday)

May we all enjoy healthier, happier and longer lives as we embrace these Lifestyle Medicine pillars and model them.

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