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Never Allow The Child In You Die

Have you made some time out for self-care?

According the New York Times, when you take care of yourself, you are also taking care of your family, friends and community.

This weekend, prioritize self-care with these tips:

1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule that accommodates 7 to 9 hours of sleep duration.

2. Embark on regular physical activity. Use the staircase. Play music and dance. Stand instead of sit.

3. Eat a healthy diet that comprises of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs and beans.

4. Know what stresses you out and effectively manage it.

5. Get a massage.

6. Stay hydrated. A daily goal of 3 litres of water is optimal for vitality.

7. Register for the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria Third Annual Conference 2021 by clicking HERE.

You are a change maker! Never forget that.

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